Managing Your Money

We have brought together the best elements of robust institutional investment management programs, along with data and quantitative driven analysis, to create a truly unique investment process adept for the rigors and fast-moving markets of the 21st century.

We believe that your Risk and Return objectives are best achieved using our proprietary dynamic strategic asset allocation and tactical tilt.

  • We tailor our clients portfolios specifically around their objectives, risk parameters and individual circumstances

    Unlike most traditional wealth managers and private banks, we also structure our clients portfolios using tax efficient wrappers wherever possible. This allows us to implement a joined-up strategy and roadmap that incorporates your appetite to risk, income requirements, future capital expenditure and time horizons.

    In addition, we also help to manage the totality of your affairs, including your family business assets, private equity positions, property portfolios and foreign exchange risks.

  • We do not believe that selecting individual star managers or companies is the best way to allocate risk and generate consistent returns

    Empirical evidence highlights the fact that the most efficient and consistent way to generate high quality positive returns is through long-term investment in multiple asset classes.

  • We do not believe in passive, “buy and hold” strategies or lazy investment management strategies that simply follow the market

    Our very essence and approach to investment management is in hunting for value through accessing numerous global sub-asset classes, in order to provide maximum diversification and broadly lower risk exposure. Our sub-asset classes include large and small global cap equities, global bonds, fixed income, commodities, listed private equity, hedge funds and alternatives.

  • We are active asset allocators

    We believe that our active approach allows us to make bold decisions when appropriate. This enables us to invest in undervalued assets throughout the investment lifecycle, even when certain markets are under pressure.

  • We use “active tactical tilts” to maximise returns and reduce risk

    Our proprietary and unique tactical tilt process allows us to freely adjust our allocations when opportunities prevail.

    Tilting our clients portfolios towards undervalued sub-asset classes is a powerful way to manage portfolios in order to preserve capital and earn excess returns.

  • Unlike most large financial institutions, we do not sell expensive, proprietary products. We select our investments on merit alone

    We are whole of market, global investors and do not have our own products or funds to sell to our clients.

    We select solely on merit.

    We will not select opaque funds with expensive fees in an attempt to increase returns.

    We will not invest in illiquid instruments, or ones that carry unknown or unquantified investment or tax risks.

    We always invest in liquid, transparent and cost-effective instruments.

  • We are global market investors

    Global markets are not necessarily correlated. By having a global perspective, it allows our clients to benefit from the ability of tapping into undervalued sectors, factors and asset classes, ensuring foreign exchange risks are hedged or mitigated wherever possible.

  • We use global research from the best investment houses in the world

    Our extensive network and knowledge of the market allows us privileged access to the best investment research, data and studies to continuously remain at the forefront of the investment management industry.

  • Sharpening the Saw

    Markets are continuously evolving with new ideas, investment strategies and insight.

    Our incessant thirst for knowledge and scarce expertise allows us to continue to challenge traditional investment strategies and keeps us at the top of our game.