Action is the foundational key to all success

Action is the foundational key to all success

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We know what it takes to achieve success

We have the insight to identify and overcome the financial and strategic challenges faced by individuals, families and their business interests.


We win together

As an independent business, we don’t have other shareholders to keep happy or conflicted sales targets to adhere to.


We join up the dots

We can combine the best of wealth management and private banking.


Why Us

The Private Investment Office provides integrated wealth planning, bespoke investment management and private banking services to entrepreneurs, private individuals and families.

Above all, we make things happen.

  • You will benefit from our unrivalled know-how

    The Private Investment Office has brought together a team of experienced, successful entrepreneurs and financial experts. We know what it takes to succeed personally as well as in business.

  • We are with you for the long-run

    We work by forming long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. The Private Investment Office will not just be your wealth and investment manager, but also a trusted adviser and strategic partner

  • The service we offer is second to none

    The Private Investment Office is commercially independent and totally focused on just one thing: the success of our clients. We can be completely flexible in the solutions and technology we use, as well as the partners we work with, to help you protect and maximise your wealth.

  • Appointing us could well be one of the best financial decisions you ever make

    We can help you in a way few others can. Get in touch to find out exactly how.

  • Why did we set up The Private Investment Office?

    Our business was founded to address a number of problems faced by entrepreneurs and their families in obtaining expert financial and strategic assistance from like-minded individuals they could trust.

    We have never believed that by adopting a rigid, box-ticking mentality and by being overly corporate and disconnected with the real issues faced by entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals alike, would be the best ways to engage and truly add value.

    We believe that the target-driven corporate mindset can all too often be the enemy of establishing productive and flexible long-term partnerships.

    As business owners ourselves, we have the requisite level of experience, insight, and capacity, to take a holistic, strategic view of both business and family finances, which are so often interconnected.

  • What do we do differently?

    We understand that our clients want to deal with equals, not employees. That’s why our team are entrepreneurs with many years’ experience of overcoming the challenges that successful individuals and companies frequently face.

    We understand the importance of looking at the bigger picture: business and family finances are often two sides of the same coin.

    We understand that our complete focus must be on our clients: we will never be distracted by targets imposed from above, the demands of shareholders or other competing interests.

    We understand that our partnership with you and your family should endure and evolve for years and even decades. We will be available to you at all times.

It's what we do